What’s New for 2020

Hi Friends and riders, there are some changes we have been mandated by the powers that be in the County Government and the Fairgrounds. This is for those of you who have not yet been notified by social media or by Thunder Roads.

Please do not show up early at the Eric Rood Center expecting hot coffee, hot chocolate, pastries and camaraderie. The Christian Motorcycle Association, who has been serving this for the last 20+ years, will not be allowed to provide this service this year. Please bring your masks, and stay on or close to your bike. I anticipate that porta pottie breaks will be allowed. We will have ladies (masked) walking around offering our Run Pins for sale, still only $5.00.

We still leave at straight up noon as before escorted front and rear by Sherrif Deputies. The streets will be blocked off so we don’t have to stop at the signs or the lights. Please stay in the right hand lane as the route is not blocked off in the oncoming traffic side. Please do not throw candy!

Coming into the Fairgrounds do not enter gate! This entrance is for the families. We will come in gate 4 as before. Please park your bike in the parking lot and walk with your toys and food in to the Northern Mines Building (roll up door). After dropping off your toys and food please exit the front roll up door. You will notice that there are no vendors. That is another concession, no pun intended, that we had to make to make the Toy Run a go for 2020.

After everyone has completed the drop off, the families will be let in. We are serving 400+ families this year so we need you to drop off as efficiently as possible.

Please, do not contact us with suggestions as we have already heard it all; “Say we are a Farmer’s Market.” Say we are, Antifa/peacefull protest, etc.”

Please share this with everyone you know that might be riding that day. No matter what we have to give up and no matter how you may feel, our cause has always been “the children first.” Our cause remains just.

Thank you all,
Thom Staser
Toy Run CEO and Founder