21st Annivsary Food & Toy Run Details

The 21st Annual Nevada County Food and Toy Run will be held on Saturday, Dec. 8th, 2012. Bikes and riders will assemble at the Eric Rood Center, Nevada County’s Government Center (directions here), beginning at 9:30 a.m. for those wanting free coffee and donuts. Those early riders will have the best chance at buying anniversary Toy Run shirts, collectable ride pins, and this years’ coveted commemorative pint glasses. How to get your collectable Toy Run memorabilia before the Toy Run.

The procession begins promptly at Noon, escorted front and rear by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Deputy’s. CHP will block off all county roads while Nevada City and Grass Valley police departments will block off all streets converging on the route through both towns, aided by the Sheriff’s Volunteers and Search and Rescue. The Ride takes approximately 25 to 30 minutes to complete, ending at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Streets are lined with spectators estimated by the Sheriff’s Department to number as many as 11,000 to13,000 people.

As this is a Toy Run and we are supported by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, Nevada City and Grass Valley City Councils, and all four branches of law enforcement, we ask that all riders and passengers wear helmets, refrain from throwing candy and obey the posted speed laws through the towns.

If all these rules are followed, we can continue to offer the best Toy Run in Nevada County free of charge to all riders! This insures that the bulk of all money raised goes to buying food and ensuring that the Toy Run has enough resources to make it though the year.

Please bring an unwrapped toy or non-perishable food item. Please do not wrap your gift as they are sorted by the volunteers at the Fairgrounds according to age categories.  Remember, we need toys for 12-16 year old kids too.

We are the first Toy Run to bring the families and children out to the event so riders could see exactly to whom their money and toys went to.  You can actually watch your gift be chosen! The families who benefit are from the Nevada County Head Start Program, Big Brothers – Big Sisters, and low income families from Nevada County.

Since it never rains on the Toy Run, it is always on! We hope to see all of you there and having a great time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Yule ~
Thom Staser, Founder


  1. This run is awesome, we haven’t missed one in 9 years since we adopted our Great Grandson & changed his middle name to Harley, last name Davidson. Everyone is so cool, its the neatest toy run I have ever had the pleasure. What a wonderful event for motorcylists to come from all over to make sure the children of Nevada County are not forgotten, God bless all of you, we are PROUD of you!

  2. I would like to find out how to get my two boys to be able to attend this. I have been out of work for a couple months and at this point we are barely able to pay bills and keep our place to live so Christmas for my boys who are 9 and 6 is looking completely grim. They have been through hell and back for the last two years because of mistakes made by their mom and I and I dont want this to be another Christmas that is not good for thwem. Can you please help and let me know is there a way to get them into this. My email addy is and my phone number is 916-289-4098. Thank You and God Bless!

    • Hey Tim,
      All recipients need to go through Head Start. If you qualify, they will take care of you. You’ll need to contact Nevada County Head Start as soon as possible, they handle all of the vouchers.
      Hope to see you there…
      The Toy Run Team

  3. My father and I did this run a couple years ago and had more fun than any other toy run we’ve been on! I’m loving the new pint glasses and plan to get him a set for Christmas. This really is the best run since the focus is kept on the kids and not spent on entertaining the bikers. You really feel that everyone there is in it for the right reasons. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  4. Can an unlicensed minor riding a green sticker bike ride in the run itself? All safety equipment of course and the boy is an expert rider on forest roads.

    • No. Anyone riding on city, county or state roads must be a licensed driver. Sorry, the Toy Run doesn’t write the laws.
      The Toy Run Team

  5. This was my first toy run today. There must have been 2000-3000 bikers. The towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley lined up along the way waving and cheering the whole way there. Upon arriving to the Fair Grounds the bikers deposited all the toys and foods and there were thousands of gifts and tons of food donated. Everyboy was well behaved and the community was very appreciative of this toy raising fundraiser. It really made me feel good that my efforts will help some kids have a good Christmas. The event was exceptionally well organized and run…………….THANK YOU. My friends and I are alreay planning for next year and beyond.

    • This was also my first toy run John…
      It was truely amazing to see that many riders all in one place at the same time…
      I brought my camera, but things happened so fast with that many riders involved, that I didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures..
      The part I liked best was to see all the smiles on the childrens faces that lined the streets for those few miles…
      I’ll be riding in the 2013 toy run for sure…

      Thanks to the sponsers who made this possible..
      The joy of giving feels very special..
      This was my first toy run, and I was suprised just how great the turn out was..

      I hope someone will post videos & pictures of this event so we can all look at the mass event from a spectators veiw..
      Thanks Nevada County, and all those who sponsered this event.
      Merry Christmas to all those Children who are less fortunate..

      Steve Neal

  6. What a GREAT turnout, the number of bikes just kept rolling in. I think this was the biggest turnout ever. It gives you goose bumps to see all the people lined up in town. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible and to the bikers. BIKERS HAVE THE BIGGEST HEARTS, we should all sleep good tonite.

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