20th Anniversary ~ Looking for Top Dogs and Big Bones ~

On Saturday, December 10, 2011, the 20th Annual Nevada County Food & Toy Run will see over 1,500 motorcyclists roll through Nevada City and Grass Valley heavily laden with toys for children of families going through difficult times. And every year we ask for your help – in any way possible – to create a very special day for some very special children and families.

This year is a monumental 20th year for the Toy Run and we appreciate your support! We’ve made it easier than ever for everyone to be part of this special event – whatever suits your style.

Top Dog

A donation of $250.00 gets you:

  • A listing in the HUGE “Thank you” ad in the Christmas Day issue of the Union
  • Upfront and featured on our website Contributor roster for 2012, including a link to your business website
  • V.I.P. passes that get you at the front of the pack, or with Santa (he rides in the middle, so more people can see him)
  • 2  long-sleeved, collectable Toy Run shirts
  • 2 Toy Run commemorative ride pins
Big Bones

Be sure to tell your friends about us, or challenge them to match your donation. Any group who donates the largest chunk of change will be photographed and featured on our Facebook page… Plus all of the stuff the Top Dogs have! Email us for details.

Kibbles ‘n Bits
  • Buy a shirt! It’s long sleeved, super cool and only $25.00. (We’ll mail ’em for only $5 bucks more if you can’t make the event)
  • Buy a collectable ride pin
  • Contact us to donate a non perishable food, your talent or skills during the event, or click the orange ‘donate’ button to send us your kibbles ‘n bits – whatever you can afford to give helps us do this every year!
  • NEW ‘Big Dog’ sponsor level (it’s about half of the ‘Top Dog’ sponsor level and almost as cool).

If you’ve never been, it’s a must; if you’re a veteran, there’s a reason.   Got a great Toy Run story? Please share it with us! We’re always looking for great photo’s of the event, past or present, so feel free to share ’em on our Facebook page.

The Nevada County Food & Toy Run is a 501(3)c non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. We will gladly provide sponsors a receipt with our tax ID number, upon request.


  1. I just got done reading the Union’s take on last years run and can’t believe they would think of cancelling the run because of ONE rider didn’t have a helmet on and a kid was hit by flying candy. Come on people get with it – us ‘bikers’ do some good in your ‘little’ community, and you don’t even know the tears that are shed while riding through your people-lined streets yelling and waving at us going by. GET A CLUE!

    • Hey Olin,
      We know the good we do, but we have to walk the line very carefully. I just talked with G.V.P.D. yesterday and they are all for us. They realize that we can’t be responsible for everyone. We have the best and safest Motorcycle Run going, with the best support from law enforcement. Let’s keep it that way by policing ourselves. Everyone wears a helmet, we ask that riders not toss candy into the crowds, we keep our bikes together so there are no gaps that cars can squeeze into, and we don’t ‘rip’ down Mill Street. Remember, one major screw up and our insurance will price the Toy Run out of existence.

      So, hat’s off to you for letting us know how you feel! And we thank you for to showing up, bringing your Christmas spirit and waving at the people thanking you as they watch from the side lines. We hope to see you this year – be sure to stop by and say “Howdy”, pick up a Ride Shirt, a ride pin, a dog from Sweenies Weenies and try not to tear up when you see a kid pick up the toy you brought up!

      Looking forward to having you join us for our 20th year!
      Ride on,
      Founder, Nevada County Food & Toy Run

    • We have been watching you guys forever. Our son is 10 and wouldn’t miss it, so we changed our flight to Sunday just so we could be there. I can’t believe the complaints some people have, apparently, they have never had to struggle and are big time Scrugges that have nothing else to do. What an awesome job and event as this is all about the kids that need a helping hand, good for you, stay with it and God Bless!

  2. Last year we saw some folks a few bikes ahead who – rather than throwing candy – would cruise up next to kids and carefully toss or hand ’em the candy. Really clogged things up, possibly even more dangerous than throwing the stuff! Need a big ol’ “NO CANDY” banner at the Rood Center, I guess. We’ve become a nation of wusses! How many children are killed every year by flying candy? Sheesh! But, we have to keep the peace, don’t we. Hats off to Thom, keep up the good work.

  3. I just donated as “Big Dog” I was there last year for the ride and I have never seen any thing like this. I was very honored to be a part of the Run and had tears in my eyes when I saw the faces of all the children filled with so much excitement!! It is a grand thing you are doing and I am glad to be in a position to be able to donate to the cause even from over 2000 miles away!!



    • Wow, Smyly… words can’t express how much your donation means, especially coming from all the way across the continent. We thank you and wish you the very best of the Holidays filled with cheer!

      From all of us Toy Runners AND from all the kids who’s smiles will be a bit bigger because of you,
      Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

  4. I think what you guys do is GREAT! I was wondering how do i sign my children up to be able to receive toys this year has be really rough on our family and we would very much appriciate the help?! thank you so much for giving to the community -its absolutely beautiful

    • Families can contact Placer Community Action Council (Head Start) in Auburn. Call them at 530-885-kids (5437) or email at info @ They will provide a voucher. Families must be signed up to receive toys and food from the Toy Run. It’s been a pleasure helping out families in need for the past 20 years…
      Toy Run crew

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