About Us

In 1991…

Four motorcyclists wondered what could be done to help families in need during the upcoming holiday season. They came up with an interesting idea and within a few weeks created an event.

The first event was the birth of the Nevada County Food & Toy Run and drew 90 bikers.  A responsive cord was struck with the Sierra Foothill communities of Nevada City and Grass Valley and today, the Food & Toy Run feeds hundreds of local families in need during the Christmas holiday.

Every second Saturday in December – rain, snow or shine – hundreds of spectators line the route to watch motorcyclists (a record was set in 2009 with over 1,800!) rumble through the towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley on their way to the Nevada County Fairgrounds. There,  hundreds of children and their families await in anticipation.

Every family in need receives a turkey or ham and donated foods to take home for the Holidays. Each child receives at least 3 toys and everyone celebrates with food vendors, raffle prizes and maybe a visit with Santa.

Each year the Nevada County Food & Toy Run feeds hundreds of local families and provides toys for kids who may otherwise receive none.


The Nevada County Food & Toy Run benefits many families and children directly during our annual bike run in December.

The Nevada County Food & Toy Run is both a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization and an event.

10 Responses to About Us

  1. Laura King says:

    I recieved an application and mailed it back but I have not recieved the voucher or invitation that i was told i would get in the mail. Who can i contact to find out if my children will be able to participate in the toy run?

    • Toy Run says:

      Hey Laura,
      Call Head Start on Monday and check with them. We organize the the Toy Run and they handle all the applications and vouchers ~
      See you there!
      The Toy Run Team

  2. TaL Benrud says:

    My kid turnd 4 we are no longer at head start.where can we sign up for the toy run this year?

    • Toy Run says:

      Hey T,
      All recipients need to go through Head Start. If you qualify, they will take care of you. You’ll need to contact Head Start as soon as possible, they handle all of the vouchers.
      Hope to see you there…
      The Toy Run Team

  3. Dave Hardy says:

    Tom – We are a very small company but we would like to step up and be a sponsor this year. I will call you in the next day or two after talking with our accountant about what we can do.

    • Toy Run says:

      Our community thrives because there are people like you! We are ever grateful to you that are willing to help the Food & Toy Run each year; whether you are a financial sponsor, a volunteer, entertainer during the event, or the bikers who ride despite sometimes crappy weather, you enable us to bring Christmas to those that need a little Santa love… Thank you!

  4. Carol Bowman says:

    Hi Thom and Chris,
    I wanted to give the girl scouts info about the toy run. When is the volunteer session at the fairgrounds? Can the younger girls still pair up with their moms to escort the families?
    Thanks for your help.
    Carol Bowman

    • Toy Run says:

      The answer is, YES! We would love to have the girl scouts, and their moms, join us again on the day of the event to help out. We’ll email you with more details soon.
      We love ya, Carol!
      The Toy Run Gang xoxo

  5. Kevin Marston says:

    A small group rode up from Lincoln to ride in the run. We had no idea how much of an impact this event had on the community. As we rode in we joined up with hundreds of others and made it to the start point. What a site. The ride into the fair grounds was fun and the tables of toys and food were impressive. Great deal for the folks in your community. Thanks for having us and we will be back.

    • Toy Run says:

      Thanks, Kevin, for your great comment. It’s always a such a pleasure to see those kids waiting at the fairgrounds welcoming all the toy run riders with handmade thank you notes and big smiles. Thanks again for making the trip up from Lincoln and bringing friends! See ya there.

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